Friday, January 11, 2008

I know i've posted up this song sang by hossan leong before, but recently i found the cartoon mtv version, and it's super cute!!! Watch!

You know when guys give girls real roses, the girl would say: "Your love for me will die as soon as the rose dies :( "

When guys give girls fake roses, the girl would say: "Your love for me is fake!!! :( "

So now, i've got a better choice for you guys.
Buy 99 real roses and one fake rose.

Give it to her and say:
"My love for you will end when the last one dies."

And that, means forever :)

you guys want me to be a happy girl but when i blog happy things nobody comments!

I've lotssssssssss of pics coming up.
And i've just recovered my social life! Went out with isaac again yesterday and today after so many days of not meeting up together. I love my friends! & my boyfriend :)

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