Sunday, January 27, 2008

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I WROTE A POST at 11.20 pm, but my video editing programme refuses to save my video file! It's so frustrating because i've been restarting the saving for at least 3 times and it always get stucked at 72%.

GRRR. and i HAVE TO post up that stupid post by today before i go to sleep because if i post it up tomorrow it would have no meaning :(

Watch this space, cos i'm super sleepy now and im gonna shut down my computer and try my luck again tomorrow. grr!

(and there are several super irritating people who kept talking to me on msn and asking me stupid questions. When i dont reply, they ask again and again. Cant they see im not in the mood to answer useless questions??? Moreover, i dont even know them. I wish i have a programme to delete all those strangers from my msn. They sound like desperate men to me. )

Okay, to make me happier, please vote again.
Actually, you have to vote for me every single day!

Maybe if you guys vote more, my video editor will listen to me and faster save my stupid video file =P

Thankyou so much, wonderful babes!






Today is the 27th of January, which means me and boyfriend have been together for 3 months. yay. Our relationship has finally officially became my second longest relationship i ever had in my whole life. Yeap, my second longest relationship was only 2months plus, a far cry from my longest relationship which was a little less than 6 months with shunlai.

I want this relationship to go beyond the one i had with shunlai :) It's so easy to break my record cos i always have short term relationships but it's super difficult to break his record, which was 2 years. 2 years leh! How long do i have to wait before our relationship becomes more than 2 years??

Speaking of month anniversaries, we forgot to wish each other happy anniversary last month!! I was so busy till i forgot, and him too! He only remembered when he was tucking himself to bed. And me...... I only remembered afew days later =x

Haha. Well, this month we remembered cos we kept reminding each other everyday. I even made something for him as a surprise :)

Watch this video! (the song has some parts where the lyrics are really meaningful. Not a new song) If you cant see the video below, you can try this url:

Im still better at making cookies, but i cant make cookies for boyfriend because i made it for shunlai last year! It would be so not special.

Things i learnt:
- Dont use metal cups when making jelly. The jelly would have a metallic taste.
- Dont use those small shaped palettes. Those are for agaragar, which have higher density, and by the way doesnt taste as good as jelly.

Jelly powder are cheap. Around $2 or less for each packet. Me and isaac went round and round plaza singapura in search of jelly palettes after choosing our jelly brand. Walked till tired but didn't give up! Have to thank isaac for accompanying me.

And we both learnt something.
Jelly powder is not expensive.
The expensive thing is the palette.
It could cost from $4 to $9 to $20!!

Who would pay so much for a stupid plastic thingy to hold jelly? Well, i did. For boyfriend :)

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