Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is a sponsored advertorial:

The risk of online shops is when the product that arrives at your doorstep isn't as pretty as how it looked like in the pictures. However, i had a pleasant surprise when the 2 items i got from that shop above was even prettier than the pictures!

When they asked me to choose my preferred items, i had hesitated as the pictures dont look very beautiful. I had expected so-so quality... But when i received the items and tried them on, i was bleaming with happiness. They looked so pretty!

What i love most is the quality.
This shimmery brown dress is downright lovable. Abit of shiny, but plain so that you could wear it even on casual days. The quality of the cloth is definitely not the cheap kinds.

As for this golden bag, i had expected it to look old and dull. But however, it's super shiny and obviously new! Even the tag is still there. With pink insides, it shows two sides of a girl.

The prices are very reasonable, at least it's cheaper than what you spend when you shop at orchard.

There are already some sexy and nice dresses up in their version 1 and 2, and im sure new stocks will come up pretty soon! Go back to their shop frequently okay? :)

You can also join their mailing list, and get superb benefits! 10% off first purchase, 15% off on birthday, free normal postage every month! hardly any shops offer such good promotions for just joining their mailing list, because most shops require you to spend a minimum amount before being able to get discounts.

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