Friday, January 18, 2008


I dont love my house anymore.

Remember some time back i said i love my house because it's painted pink outside and it felt so pleasant to look out of the window? The painters retouched the painting this few days and now it turned to an ugly shade of purple.

My house looks so unpleasant on the outside now.
Nevermind, i shall look out of the window lesser.

I have lots of things to blog about!

But i havent got the whole collection of pics yet. It's always like that and it's so annoying! When im excited to blog about that particular thing, i would lack the pictures. And when i get the pictures, i dont feel like blogging about it anymore...

Anyway... i havent been putting up camwhore pics recently. Thats because i dont have the time to camwhore and when i camwhore i feel that they have so many flaws that i dont feel like putting them up already. But today, i shall ! :D:D

Yea, i know they look all the same, but well, isn't that the art of camwhoring? hee. Non-edited, except resizing. im such a lazy girl now.

** ahem, the pics were supposed to be bigger size but blogger resized it. Grr.

I think im gonna fall sick soon. Didn't drink enough water. My lips are so swollen, red and dry. But luckily, i have my new lipgloss to save me! Bought new lipstick from Loreal. Love it! I've always love a whiter shade. Red and dark lipstick look super ugly on me. Even pink doesnt work. My face is super mafan!

Bought new earrings too. I find that my earrings at home are getting lesser and lesser, and seems to be disappearing one by one. I think it's because when i get home i throw the earrings anywhere. It could be on the computer table, dining table, bedroom table, washroom, or anywhere on my table. And when i need that particular pair of earrings, i'll have to dig through all the rubbish on my table. No wonder i dont use my studytable anymore. I just bring my laptop to the dining table and use there. In afew weeks i guess the dining table would become messy with my rubbish again. Haha.

Bought many new dresses.....
I need $$ again!

Bought new heels!
2 of them. The first one i bought it because it was super high! The heel is also very thin, beautiful! Although it's at sale price of only around $17, it is very stable with you walk although the heel looks scary!

It didn't have my size, so i bought a size smaller :(
It's so painful....... but i still love it.

Sigh, the things woman do for beauty.

The 2nd pair of heels i bought it cos this pair was too painful so i had to buy another one or else i cant walk anymore. however, i fell down in that one -.-

FOOD FOOD FOOD! i love food!
Especially fish.
and chicken thigh.

There's a Ayam Penyet restaurant at bugis that is super delicious.
Without the chilli though. The chilli is SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SPICY. Really! I love salty food, and this store made the chicken and tofu really salty, up to my taste. Thinking about it makes me want to eat it again! Im not sure where it's exactly located. Someone brought me there :)

$5.50 for this plus a plate of rice.
$2 for icelemontea, which is rather nice too!

Not expensive at all~

Another store at bugis which sells nice food is this.

Have you been there before? I tried their grassjelly + longans and loved it! Most of the time when you eat grass jelly after some time you get sick of the taste. However, i enjoyed every single cube of the grassjelly. very refreshing..

Some people like to link bloggers with attention-seekers. It seems like they think whatever bloggers do are for the sake of more viewers and more attention. Helllllllllo, there are genuine sincere bloggers around just like there are real kind people in the world!

Bloggers are not all cunning people. Only a portion.
We are normal human too!

Blogging about the day with these people soon...
Guess who they are! :D

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