Monday, January 21, 2008

What do you do when you receive a call obviously from some telemarketing company?

When i say telemarketing company, i dont only mean those that try to sell useless goods to you where you can just reply "im not interested".

What do you do when the caller knows your name?

Like for example:
"Hi esther, im from XYZ group, and we are here to invite you down for *insert motive*"

It might be a prize collection, job interview, or anything like that which suspiciously mean you have to sit in their office for at least several hours. And most of the time, during the 'afew hours' in their office, you would be promoted some stuffs or help them do something, which most of us would reluctantly do so because we felt that we are obliged.

So how not to get yourself into this kind of mess?
dont accept the meeting in the first place!

But as you know, some telemarketers are really irritating, they call you from morning to afternoon to night, from monday to friday. I know it's their job and not their fault, because i've been along this industry line before.

I've churned up some ways to politely reject them :D

1) "Sorry, can you call me back in 5 minutes? Im currently busy." (after that you can proceed to turn off your hp... remember their hp number, so that if they call again after you switched on your hp, you can just ignore the call)

2) Telemarketer: so erm, what's your age miss?
Esther: 18.
Telemarketer: So you are stil a student ah?
Esther: Ya.
Telemarketer: *continues to ask personal questions, which are obviously a list of survey questions which he has to fill in.*
Esther: *answers*
Telemarketer: So are you free tomorrow?
Esther: No.
Telemarketer: Whole day?
Esther: Yeap.
Telemarketer: How about the day after tomorrow?
Esther: also busy.
Telemarketer: Okay, we are open everyday for you.
Esther: Okay, call you up when im free again. (of course, you dont call them again lar!)

3) Daddy came up with this suggestion:

Telemarketer: Hi, is this james tan?

You: This is Mr Goh, policemen from dhobyghaut police station. james tan was murdered this morning at XX forest, and we just found his dead body and his mobile phone. Why do you have his number? Are you in any way related to him? We now suspect that you are the murderer. What's your IC number? Come down to the police station for investigation at 2pm later.

Telemarketer: (most probably would have freaked out, hung up, and worry for the rest of the day)

4) Sister came up with this suggestion:

Telemarketer: Hi, im from YYY company..
You: Oh hi ! Im from XXX telemarketing company.... would you like to fill up some surveyyyyy....
Telemarketer: (will most probably hang up)

5) And lastly.....

Telemarketer: Hi, im from YYY company...
You: No need to say anymore. I last time from that company.
Telemarketer: (if it's a scam company) Oh okay, bye.

I feel so sorry for those telemarketers.
It's a really tiring job!

Especially when we are all so cruel to them =x

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