Sunday, January 6, 2008

Piority for people who can pay first :)
email to

Item C1
Long Shirt: $7
Worn twice.

Item C2
Grey Top: $7
Worn twice for shoot.
Item C3
Brown Dress.
Worn 3-4 times. $7.

Item C4
I think i post this picture up before issit? Well, i think i forgot to contact the buyer in the end. Up for sale again! Nice cutting, flatters your waist :)

Item C5
White long top.
beautiful details on the cloth.

Item C6
Blue casual dress
Worn twice.

item C7
Babydoll dress

Item C8:
Black offshoulder dress. (belt not included)
(that's brastrap. not together with the dress)
Worn once.



Tomorrow's start of school again! It has been long since i took my laptop out of the house. It's so heavy and troublesome. Checked my predicted grades justnow, and realised that while 2 of my modules are doing okay, the other 3 are all D or D+!! I've got to buck up. 4 more weeks to the end of the semester, means i only have 4 more chances to improve for each module. Jiayou esther!! Pay attention in class more! =X At least get C is better than D right? :)

I fell in love with this song since the first time i heard it :)
Guangliang's Yan Huo

I've never watched fireworks with any of my boyfriends before. I think it's damn romantic. Oh well, i shall wait. Many promised to watch with me, but in the end some things are meant to just come and go.

I want to be independant.
I shall live for myself.
I will work hard and be successful.

He had a good time that day, didnt he?
I shall have many more better days.
Wait and see.

Before you ensure me anything, be sure that you can do it. Dont say things just to please me. Dont say things when you dont even mean it in the first place..

It isn't the first time already.

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