Thursday, January 24, 2008

Me: I need to get contact lens again! Going to use finish already...
Me: My contact lens left 2 weeks supply only...
Me: What colours should i get? Should i get coloured or black?? What...
Boyfriend: Aiya, i give you eyeballs lah.

Isaac accompanied me to a studio shoot that day, and that photographer showed us several illusions and magic tricks. Super interesting! He also taught me and isaac several things that other photographers dont teach. Although time was rushy for us that night, we still had lots of fun!

The photographer made me change the side of my fringe and i ended up looking like this. Maybe i should really change my hairstyle and my hair parting :D

Isaac took a photo of me with flash and realised that even a normal handphone can trigger the big studio flash! The photographer jokingly said that if we want to play tricks with a photographer nextime, we can use use our hp flash to irritate the big studio flash. haha. However, the picture came out with too much light.

Isaac had very good positioning of the subjects in his photographs. I think he should be a photographer when he grows up :D He took many nice photos of me in the studio but in all of them i look funny.

In the taxi on the way home, we camwhored.. We live at the both ends of singapore! Me in pasir ris and him in woodlands. Good that i study in woodlands or else it would be difficult to be able to meet so much ^^

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