Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I didn't know that those eyes were mouths actually.
Have you watched it?

Well, whole through the movie, my heart was pumping fast and my hands were near my face, getting ready to cover my eyes whenever it sounds like something is going to jump out.

Haha. However,the ending of the show was disappointing though. It ended too aruptly and left many things unexplained. The 'scares' wasnt actually that scary anyway, since most of the time after the scary sounds nothing hideous actually pops up in the screen. I think the storyline is quite interesting, just that the ending wasn't planned properly.

The scary part about watching this movie, was being alone in the movie theatre with only one friend beside me. The whole theatre was empty! My friend even delibrately wanted to go to the toilet in the middle of the show to scare me :( BIG BULLY. In the end i didn't let my friend. Heh heh. I can't be alone in a big dark room watching a horror movie!

Immediately after buying the tickets, i regretted choosing a horror movie. Whole through the movie i wished boyfriend was there so that i could hide behind him or grab & squeeze his arms. Most of the time i watch horror movies at home on dvds, because somehow they look scarier in movie screens. Should stick to watching comedy and loveydovey shows in the future :)

Ate near katong after wasting so much energy on heartpumping at the cinema. Previously had a shoot near there few weeks ago and had late supper with the photographers at a coffeeshop, where sells the nicest grilled fish ever! The first time i ate it, i forgot to take the pics. The 2nd time i ate it, i was so excited about eating it again that i forgot to take a photo again. haha. Teriyaki Grilled Fish. $4.50. It tasted marvelous, and i think they added egg to the surface on the fish, and that made it taste so nice.

GO TRY! I think it's at katong shopping centre. Is it? I forgot. Both times i had people bringing me there. I have zero sense of direction =x

Went to bugis to shop after that. Bought two dresses! Loves loves. Mum sponsor. Hee. It has been long since mum was willing to sponsor luxury items for me. She would always say: "You are already working right? Sure have lots of money de mah. Richer than me leh!"

Hmmmph! I spent all i earned on cabfares because im such a lazy person that i always end up being late. It doesn't help that cabfares are getting more and more expensive these days. So in the end i dont spend much on useful things. Sigh.

Saw a massaging chair at one of the shoppinng centres corridor in bugis. Slot in $1 and you can be massaged by the chair for around 3 minutes. However, GIRLS, better not. Your breast would be shaking vigourously -.- Abit crude i think, since many passerbys walking along the shoping centre corridor can stand there and look at you. It's not even covered! It's like those machines that children put in 50cents to ride on.

Go ask your mum to try the machine. You'll see how wrong she looks.

I love my new dresses........... I cant wait for CNY because mum wont let me wear before CNY comes. CNY, FASTER COME! and when CNY comes and go, it'll be my term break. .2 months no school ! Shiok.

I need a job though.
Is there any temporary job that i can take offdays anytime? =x

Im very happy with my life offline nowsaday. Although there are times when i would feel unwanted and unloved, but people around me would prove that wrong and never fail to make my life much more fufilled. im very contented :)

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