Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boyfriend: Who does esther love?
Me: You lah.
Boyfriend: Who?
Me: You lah.
Boyfriend: Okay lor~ Esther dont love Kelvin, esther love "youlah"
*boyfriend gives a sad face*

A minute later, i saw him on msn and his nick was this:
- I love my little ANGEL... (Esther Love "YOU-LAH")

Haha! In my eyes, he's super cute :)
Whenever i made him sad, i would feel super guilty and would do anything just to make him happy again. I know he dislike me going for photoshoots. He even said that he could give up his photography hobby as long as i dont go for photoshoots too. I know photography is important to him, that's why i was so touched when he said that.

He could be really sweet at times...

Anyway, today was super embarassing! I overslept in the morning although boyfriend tried to wake me up and kept talking to me so that i dont fall back into the nice bed. In the end i fell back and woke up super late. And then, on the bus, i fell asleep again and forgot to wake up until the bus driver had to come to me and wake me up when the bus reached the interchange. OMG.


Within afew months of going for photoshoots, i've already heard many tales which made me rather speechless. Afew fresh models dont know how to treasure their body, and even OFFERING themselves to the photographers for FREE. Pissed off when i heard about this. Eager to please the photographer bah? Well girls, you dont have to degrade yourself in order for them to like you. They'll just think you're cheap. Most of them admire hardworking girls, not girls who go around pleasing men in that sort of way.

I look down on people who use underhanded means to get to the top. Being cunning or backstabbing is bad enough. But selling yourself is way out of hand. It's none of my business, but it really disturbs me to see young girls doing that just to make photographers like them and get more assignments.

Girls despise girls who are like that.
Protect your own dignity!

Im not pointing to any models, because i dont know them personally and i shouldn't judge them base on what other people say.. Well, I know many nice models out there :) Other than ignorant people, I realised there are so many cunning people in this industry... It's scary.

I hope i wont become one of them. *cross fingers for me and jessica*

Anyway, i was very irritated by another new model yesterday. Making a mountain out of a molehill just because of one stupid criticism tag she received on her blog, which led her to asking afew of her photographers to ask if it's me. (wth? I dont even know who she is except that she's new because i was helping one of my photographers to check his email and found her introduction -.-)

i receive super many criticisms everyday and i dont go around asking people who is that. I dont like it when people use photographers to confront me instead of directly emailing me or something.

Anyway, i found her msn and talked to her. Told her i was irritated and what i didn't like about what she did. Everything's settled. I guess i was kinda mean in my tone, but that's only because i dont like to ACT NICE when im actually very pissed at her.

Okay, everything's settled already. Still not sure if she means what she says. Kinda fake, not trustable? I'll keep my distance :)

*** Wrote this part of the entry last night, so there's a tint of irritated mood in those words. Im fine right now! Just that i dont want to waste what i've typed. Heee. ***

i plan not to take up any shoots for afew weeks. Gotta spend all the time i have with my boyfriend and friends ^^ I dont exactly count myself as a real model yet, so friends and people i love are much more important!

2 more photos.

Im getting fatter leh. I've a big appetite for fried salty stuffs recently. And i wasted all my money on cabfares. Boo.

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