Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Was invited to the Bloggers Lounge by claudia and diana :)

Met up with isaac and jayden to go over to THE SAIL at marina bay together. Tell you hor, these two lads walk DAMN FAST, like they are chasing after the train or something -.- I had a hard time catching up.

We were late and nadia was already engrossed in her game with the other guests.

There was only two chairs left and guess what?
Jayden, Isaac and me took our food from the buffet and shared the two chairs. Haha. We placed them together to form a bench and they offered me to sit in between two chairs while they each sit on either side of me. And then when they BOTH stand up to take drinks, i look damn stupid like one person sitting on TWO chairs! !#$%^&*)%^&*(*&^%$#^!!

After our food, we joined nadia for the Monopoly Card Game. We were clueless of how to play it at first, but at the end of just one game, we wanted more! It was so fun and interesting, unlike the usual boring slow monopoly board game. The only bad thing is that i kept having bad cards. No luck that day.


Soon it was the end of the gathering and guess what i caught jayden doing! STEALING HOME SO MANY TITBITS! Guiltyyyyyyyyyy.

Actually what made everyone gasp was isaac eating one titbit pack after another, like he havent ate dinner -.-

They really think i love them this much -.- Anyhow paste their names on my bag!

Went over to visit their office-appartment downstairs. Really cozy!

Let's end this entry off with Famous Little Nadnut :D

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