Thursday, May 28, 2009

Was feeling quite down justnow.

Usually i dont really care about non-friends/ random strangers disliking me because well, I know that as a blogger it's inevitable that i might offend some people accidently with my words sometimes. As long as it's not a friend that i care about, i brush it off almost immediately all the time.

However, there are some people who just conclude that they dislike me right from the beginning, without even knowing what kind of person i am. When this happens, sometimes i ask myself what's wrong with myself.

You know, being in the blogosphere, sometimes i get really pressurised to do plastic surgery. To get a nose job, my jaw shape narrowed, take away my chubbiness, and clear my eye wrinkles. Why? Because here, most people judge you by your looks. Saddening isn't it. It makes me think that as long as im pretty, people would tend to like me more. Which is totally untrue in the real world.

I realise that i get along better with people who do not know about my blogging identity. Because they give themselves a chance to get to know me right from step zero. Because they didn't had a biased impression of me right from the start. Because they judge me based on my personality, and not based on "what was known about me".

Whatever. Just sudden random personal thoughts.
I know all this is unavoidable one luh. It's nature for people to judge other people. I just wished that i was born prettier, with a more popular personality and more luck.

Boo. It's not a nice feeling being disliked for no valid reason.

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