Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The past weekend was a hectic one.

On sunday, i was assistant to this TrashTheDress themed shoot for Grace. Shoot location was at Punggol lallang and beach. Hate that place, so many insects! I even spotted a mini baby crab. It's smaller than a cockcroach! Got me so paranoid feeling afraid that i'll step onto any of that little things when i walk down the sand at the beach.

The sun was burning hot.

Started at the lallang side.

It's a beautiful place to shoot.

Was holding the big big reflector.

Grace and the spraypainted gown.

Moved on to the beach afterwards.

Grace was submerged in the waters. She had a hard time coming out of the seas afterwards cos the gown had absorbed the water and became very heavy. Haha.

Interesting isn't it? Im sure the end photos will be great!

Photo with Grace after the shoot.

Grace and Liwen left with their boyfriends afterwards, while i joined the photographers to lunch.

Soup Restaurant treat by Squall. I love soup restaurant.

After the shoot was back to my usual work. And i felt so tired that i had to treat myself to something good at Akashi Japanese Restaurant.

Actually i think the food there is overpriced. I can get better food at sushi tei at a lower price ....

Also, it was my first time trying wasabi! I was too afraid to try it in the past but i finally found the courage! (must at least try once in your life mah!)

Well, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Saturday's shoot was even more tiring. Blog about it another day :D

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