Sunday, May 17, 2009

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If you are talking about blogshop design, i think KittyStar wins hands down. When i read advertorials of this shop in other blogger's sites, i was already attracted. I love the wild feeling to their brand.

Here are afew of my favourites from their latest updates :)

At Kittystar, they try to find clothes that are not too mainstream (scream unique!), definitely for the louder and more expressive people (dont be afraid of showing your wild side!)

They also update ranges of different styles to suit different customers' tastes and also for different moods on different days in Kittystar, they believe dressing is a way of expressing our feelings!

KittyStar will also be launching a new line of customised accessories for guys and girls soon! And these includes coontail extensions :)

KittyStar emphasize greatly on trust with the customers, that's why they are offering $2 for registered postage to prevent any lost mails (yes they absorb the rest!!).

Alot of effort and sincerity in doing what they are doing (you can see that from their layouts and pictures, mailing of invoices and etc!), all they need is more of your support!

Prices are kept as low as possible by sourcing for cheaper alternatives, but at the same time not forsaking quality.

They also have cute linking banners! Link their banners up on your blog and receive 5% off!

Do check them out now!

** I think the model of the shop is kinda cute too =P

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