Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You think i dont want to live with fresh and light eye makeup? You think i like to wear such heavy eyemakeup and look like im going clubbing everyday?

You think i dont watch movies and wish that i look like that taiwanese girl who looks pretty even with minimum eye makeup?

I dont have to explain my choice in eye makeup but i hate it that so many of you think that im just being stubborn. So let me explain once and for all, it's not that im stubborn or that i love my black eyeliner alot. I HAVE NO CHOICE. Okay? It's not like i didn't try light eye makeup before.

The lightest makeup i can wear and not look weird is when im wearing my black thick-rimmed eyeglasses. Only then, i can put just one liner of eyeliner and go to school.

When i do photoshoots, most of the makeup artists have problems with my eyes. They can't apply evenly on each eye, nor can they make light makeup work on my eye.

Maybe my current eye makeup look messy but this is the best i can go until i find a better way to apply it. It doesn't look nice when you are right infront of me but it makes me look better on pictures. I'm stil trying to find a more natural way to apply eye makeup okay.

So, STOP ASKING ME ABOUT MY EYE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Im not blessed with greatlooking eyes like you.

EVERYONE who have seen me in light makeup/no eye makeup, ALL agree that i look so much better with my current thick eye makeup. So, im sticking to it. Till i discover a better way to do it.

Sony Event:

Went to this sony event some time ago for their new walkman earphones. We had a bus ride and it was not just any bus ride! We were introduced this walkman earphone by the very cute host, and after that was a catwalk by several teenagers in vibrant wear.

After which, we also had a dance performance by these people, which goes to show that the earphones stay steady in your ear even when you jump around!


After the bus ride we were treated to a spread of buffet (i love the prawns!) and then i went to look at the different colours that this mp3 player come with.

I had a hard time deciding between white and pink =x (the purple one is also nice!).

When you are not using it, you can make it into a heart shape:

Sony gave me and the other attendees one each. Love it! Isaac regretted not going. Haha.

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