Thursday, May 14, 2009

A couple of pictures from the first Gadget3 magazine shoot a couple of months back.

I was featured as "shopaholic".

Too bad the picture they chose to print was another ugly one.

Do you all like this picture? Im thinking of changing my blog banner and putting this on top :D
**the eye makeup is not nice though :( One of those bad eye days.

Then the 2nd Gadget3 shoot. Behind the scenes pictures.
( I havent got the shoot pictures yet)

Im better already :) Just left with cough and flu. Soon i'll become back to my jumpy self! I've been wearing spectacles and light makeup to sch everyday recently because i feel tired every morning. This morning i was especially tired, i anyhow took 3 pieces from my wardrobe and even though i knew it was mismatched, i didnt know why i allowed myself to get out of the house like that. Haha. Tomorrow i would have to put on contacts because i'll be going to a casting with gillian after school :)

Oh ya, i need to get a new camera and a new handphone already cos it's kinda spoilt. Camera i think i will get back the same model as my current one (canon ixus 80IS). As for handphone im abit unsure. I need something that can withstand alot of dropping from high level =x

Im considering Nokia E71. Anyone have it and have anything good/bad to say about it? Do comment! thanks :D

If you have other phones to intro can also leave a comment! Thanks in advance!

Goodnight peeps.

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