Sunday, May 3, 2009

My bangs are now too long to be bangs, they've all been swept to the side naturally. Should i go cut again?

A couple of weeks ago Dk invited me to a Sony Camera Workshop and i brought sophia along.

Had SushiTei in Paragon before we head over.
I totally love their udon. It must be the best udon i ever ate. It has the springy feel to it and it's not bland! The other udon i eat outside are so lousy!

Fried Chicken.

Love fried tofu.

Fried something. I think it was corn inside. Eww.

Fried Salmon. Omg all fried.

Omelette Sushi =)

Love this one too!

Unagi wrapped in egg i think.

A very happy sophia.

We tried the Iceballs!

Off to the washroom.

And off to the workshop!

We were each given a camera to use.
The colours of the pictures taken using this camera is so vivid!

He's funny.

Nadia was there too!

Using soft flash. (alot pictures of sophia hor?? Cos i use my camera to shoot her then she never send me the photos of me in her camera!)

DK refusing to let us try the smile shutter. i think it's fun cos we can actually "edit" the smile to be wider on the camera!

After that was meal time, at the same time, trying our skills at food photography. It's very important to a blogger! :D

Some of my takes:

Im so craving for food now. Duh,bye!

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