Sunday, May 10, 2009

I was in a terrible temper today because i felt so unwell. I really hope to recover soon. My temperature had just reached a new high, and when i told arthur about it, he told me that high fever could end up into one becoming retarded. Then i remembered watching this documentry about this girl who has everything going for her, when she suddenly got high fever at the age of 21 and became retarded. Im a little bit worried now and i get over sensitive and keep asking mum how come my head hurts :(

Life's always unpredictable isn't it? It is scary.

It is mother's day today but mum had to help me clear up my study table because it's starting to turn into a rubbish dump. Everytime i come back from events, i just dump the goodie bags on the floor, so the whole floor is filled with lots of paperbags. Then whenever i receive pieces of apparels from blogshops, i would throw the wrapping paper on top of this pile and then it'll stack upwards and turn into a rubbish dump. haha.

Everything's cleared up now and most of the credits goes to mum because i actually sneaked away halfway to rest because my body was tired and head was painful.

All i wish for now is to get well soon!
There's school tomorrow and im not sure if i could attend.

I get sick easily but usually i recover very fast. Not sure why this time it took so long.

Actually i wanted to upload pictures and blog something but i got distracted by other people's restaurant city toilet designs. lol. Now it's too late and im tired. Goodnight!

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