Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My voice is so rough now!
Well, at least it's better than friday, when i had no voice at all!

What was worse is that i had to organise a shoot on that day, and Roxanne wasn't free to come down to help. No voice how to organise! In the end one of the photographer had to be my "voice". Haha. Luckily the photographers for that day were quite nice people. They even chose places that have seats so that i can sit down! They even wiped the dirty seats for me even when i said i could do it myself. Such nice people ya? It's not often we meet people like that. Most of the time we always get demanding photographers.

Organised another shoot with Sophia last sunday, with our assistants Roxanne and Shuana. This one was something different from what we usually do. It's big scaled and full day.

We booked a luxury suite at Naumi hotel. Price is a 4-digit figure (omg). Would never be able to afford it if not for the discount, and if it wasn't for a photoshoot. But the place is really pretty and spacious. Should have booked my previous birthday party here instead of my actual location. It's about the same price lor, but this is so much nicer.

Imagine handling 10 models, alot of photographers, and everything. It was very stressful for me and Sophia when we were planning before the shoot. The gowns and buffet were all settled just a day before the event! Gosh, we should just stick to our usual small-scaled photoshoot events if not we'll definitely stress to death in weeks.

For the morning session, the models were long-legged babes: Chantel, Zylia, Tiffany and Kyi.

Sophia, Roxanna and Shuana handled this one while i went to book in the hotel and arrange the place for the afternoon session.

Afterwhich, they transported the photographers to the hotel room and they began eating lunch. We ordered a buffet spread.

Didn't take pictures of the buffet, because i was busy dressing up our next model, magdalene for the shoot. She was supposed to be the bride, and we had a hard time trying to bun her hair up to clip on the veil. Finally she got into the gown and she looked lovely!

Next was Miner. She's a really cute girl! :D I like!

Then it was Reiee in Evening Gown. I love her sharp features.
(pic by raymondlau)

Finally it was Mabel, and her theme was bikini at the rooftop swimming pool. The hotel's pool is so unique and beautiful! It look like if you swim too far off you'll drop off the building.

After that, it was Amy's turn.. It feels so funny that i got to know her and some other girls through Baobao but in the end now im closer to Amy than i am to Baobao. Haha.


With Steffi, one of my models :) She's a pretty little thing.

Shuana! She's is so guai-lan but still so lovable :D


We had lots of fun, and some photographer friends came along to give moral support. Took some really fun pictures. haha.

Me and Miner attacking roxanne!

Roxanne and me in the bathrobe, and derick in the middle.

I forbid Derick to smile when taking pictures cos he look better when he act cool. In the end the picture so weird! So V sia the chin. LOL.

This one is the act-shuai simon. LOL. He's easy to bully and suan =P

It was totally tiring at the end of the shoot. Thanks to all the models who came down :) The shoot would not have been successful if not for their hard work.

Went up the rooftop swimming pool to soak our legs. Forgot to bring bikini luh :(

The others left for home towards the night and Arthur came down with the presents he bought from taiwan.

A softtoy he hooked from those machines in arcades.

Slipper. Grrrr, he want to chase me away! (superstition, haha) It fitted me perfectly but he keep insisting that it was too small for me. Abit tight only lorrrrr.

Eyeshadow. Hahah. I was praising him for knowing my colours then he replied with a "i dont like your black black eyeshadow luh, but i still buy it cos i know you will use it..better than getting other colours which you wont use". Makes sense. Heh.

So weird to see him in spects.

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