Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gosh im itching all over because of the panadol pills.

I keep craving for food but my body system keeps trying to reject whatever goes down my throat.

I feel so irritated when people keep asking me questions on msn, sms or phonecalls. I have no strength to think nor answer luh!

It was a struggle for me to finish up that blog entry yesterday. I spent like 3 hours doing it because my brain was too tired to form sentences.


Was invited to the screening by Nuffnang, and i brought Amy along! It seems like everytime we meet it's only for photoshoots and work, so finally we get to go out together without "work" attached :D

Took pictures with quite a number of friends but i have no idea where the pictures went. Haha! Here's a group picture :D

(abit useless because you can't see the faces anyway. lol)

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