Thursday, May 7, 2009

I actually almost recovered from being sick a couple of days ago but now it's back again. The flu and archoo-ing is making me very tired. Felt super weak in class today.

Was at a blogger event just now and i had to use jayden's jacket to cover up my hands even when i was already wearing my own jacket because i felt so damn cold. Argh.

I hate being sick. Now my throat kinda itches and i think tomorrow when i wake up it'll be sore. Aww.

Anyway hor, the loreal contest can stop voting for me already. I do want the yatch trip, but a person's got to be realistic right... Im so far behind, cannot catch up one luh! Haha. Lets see which peggy will win! Thanks to the hundred people out there who voted for me :) I even chanced upon a blog of a stranger who plugged me and asked his readers to vote for me. It's extra touching when someone you dont know does something like that. Love nadia too, for plugging me on her blog without me asking her to! And lots of love to the other friends who did vote for me without me asking!

Well, it actually also caused me to have a little quarrel justnow with someone i care about. Sigh. Maybe it's true, as this friend had said, i had no rights, no status to complain about anything this friend does.

Nevermind, do visit though and look at some of their other categories! :)

I'll update tomorrow when im in school and if there's not alot of work to be done :) I just looked through my camera justnow and realised i still have lots not blogged about yet.

Alright, i'll type more tomorrow, gotta go rest now. I feel damn tired.
Goodnight peeps.

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