Monday, May 18, 2009

"There's something wrong with Esther."

Chris saw this movie poster early in the morning yesterday and ended up laughing to himself cos he think that the tagline is so true. He even went to text derick to tell him about it -.- Haha.

Here's my current fringe! This time the haircut was like 3 seconds only -.- He just snapped a cm off my hair and said "okay done!". Wahlao, like that i also know how to cut at home right. Now it's slightly above my eyebrows so it look abit bad but im waiting for it to grow just abit more and it'll be the right length!

Met up with Arthur. Had yummy drumsticks for lunch!! if only i could have chicken drumsticks for lunch everyday =P

Wanted to watch a movie but couldn't find anything better that fits our timing so we ended up watching this thai show. Fireball. I thought i would fall asleep but surprisingly the show is not bad leh :D Storyline was simple enough for me to understand. heh.

Nothing makes me happier than food!

Was feeling tired one day and pampered myself to Soup Restaurant! Ordered their ginseng soup because they wrote that it can relieve you of tiredness when you drink it. It's so bitter!

I ate ALL of this by myself! hahah I can eat one whole chicken on my own. Im a chicken-lover.

My family indulged in a very guilty late night supper some nights ago! Fries~


And soup! wah im craving for soup now! I love soups!

Had dimsum in vivo some time back.

Lotus leaf glutinous rice.



Pork Ribs.

Chee Cheong Fun.

Fish Congee.

Har Kow.

Claypot Chicken Rice.

Dont know what this is. haha. Didn't touch it.

Some weeks ago, me and sophia found this really nice indian/indonesian (not sure, didn't see properly" with a really nice ambience! Dark, quiet and romantic =x Service is good too!

Sophia while waiting for our food!


Butter Prawns. I was craving for prawns.

The chicken soup is damn nice!!!! But the bowl super small lor :(

I like the ambience!

The appetizer. Haha. I lazy to pull up this picture.

My strawberry drink!

Cheese prata and plain prata. Actually on the menu it isn't called prata but it taste like prata. haha.


Okay, here's the end of the food spam! =P

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