Friday, May 8, 2009

Woke up this morning feeling super weak and giddy. What was worse is that i felt cold under the skin and warm on the outside! It's such a weird feeling.

Went over to the clinic and got my medicine for fever, flu, sorethroat and cough. Doctor says it's viral infection. The medicine left me feeling drowsy and i slept the whole afternoon away. Had my second dose of medicine just now, feeling sleepy but im forcing myself to stay awake because i felt that i already wasted my afternoon sleeping.

Hate the chill under my skin. But after eating the medicine, i sweat like hell. It's like super chill one hour, super hot and sweaty another hour. I dont even know whether i prefer being cold or warm. Bui tahan already.

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Remember the Glow magazine by Watsons that i was talking about some time back? They had a workshop exclusive to glow readers some time back and i was there :)

I love the location it was held at! It's a very glam ballroom at a hotel.

Was late as usual.
The presenter was talking about how to protect yourself against harmful uv rays. I learnt alot, expecially the part where he said that "SPF25" suncreen plus "SPH20" foundation does not equals to "SPH 45" protection. It'll just be the larger amount of SPH 25.

It's good cos alot of us are misleaded by these products sometimes.

After that was breaktime, and we were presented with a mini buffet spread.

After the break, we had some demo done on stage, and after that we tried out the demo on ourselves!

We get to try out the different shades of eyeshadow they have!

Current and upcoming trends!

Tried on the mascara on ourselves.

We were each given a goodie bag with alot of samples inside!

They also had discounts for several products at the hall too.

One last picture for this entry! With winnie and bianca!

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