Friday, May 29, 2009

Last saturday morning i had to handle this "Bridal with Beetle Car" shoot for Mandy. Luckily i had roxanne to help me out and also simon to help drive the car for me.

The morning was a rushed one, because we had to pick up Mandy from her house, dress her up in the bridal gown and then drive over to another location to pick up the beetle car, and then over to the shoot location. Shoot was supposed to start at 9am but because of some delays, we reached Yishun dam ( damn, i keep typing DAMN instead of DAM!) only at 9.30am.

In the beetle car after collection.

Yishun dam was really warm. We all start perspiring within 5 minutes -.-

Photos from one of the photographers there. thrown into the boot.

I love this shot!

I like this picture because the angle made my legs long and thin! Hahaha so far from reality.

Alright, i had my fun it's back to mandy. We all drove to seletar camp after we are done with Yishun Dam. It's so much better to shoot at Seletar Camp! Love the dirty houses and rundown feel.

Mandy was bored with the car so she posed with a bike instead! Rocker bike bride!

Can you feel the heat? omg, usually my foundation tone already lighter than my neck area already. After "suntanning" so much that morning, the difference between the two tones was even larger.

Hunger after the shoot so we went over to HK cafe.
Had always wanted to try their french toast but didn't, so i tried it that day! I love it :D

Their seafood horfun is one of my fave too! But the portion is abit big. Best to share with friend.

Went over to marina jetty after that with _____.
Breezy nice place. Quite a nice place to have some quiet romantic time with your bfs!

Multiple same angle pictures of myself. hohoho.

After that Simon drove me over to stjames for June and Peggy's birthday party as he's joining us for ktv after the party.

I reached before the birthday girls lor!
Met up with Gillian there.

Little pressies for june and peggy.

Irene. Become prettier and prettier already.

June babe!

Peggy! Totally want to scream at her for being almost 2 hour late but resisted the urge cos it's her birthday party. If is usual day i would have thrown temper already. hahaha. After leaving her party, i went back to the car to scold every single car that blocks our way or move too slow. Release steam. Haha.

Victor and Kaihui came over to join me and Simon for ktv :D We kept kaihui waiting alone in the room for 1 hour cos of the party delay!

Cute isn't she? Love her! We have so much in common cos we are from the same secondary school. Haha. Actually last time even in school also not very close to her, just smile smile only. Found her again after afew years in a random public toilet. Haha!

That night didn't get enough of singing before time was up. Gonna have another ktv session again soon!

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