Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Yet another new blogshop!

Dont you just love the pictures? So pleasant to look at :)

FREE normal postage!!

I have afew pieces from this blogshop, and i really love some of the dresses!

Handling of enquiries and orders would be done by my friend, so you can be sure that she's really nice and have very good customer service!

Go support alright?
I think some of the prices are super low =D

Did my nails some time back. Cheap! Love the feeling of people doing my nails for me. It's so relaxing.

Met up with Gillian and Christ for drinks a month back.

Daddy's bday last month! Cake at home :)

Presents for daddy! Bought two useless things from taka for him. Heh. This month dont have the budget to get what he really wanted, which is a LCD monitor. Shall have to wait till Father's Day to get it for him i guess.

Afterwhich our whole family went over to Xin Wang HK kitchen for dinner! (subsequently we went to this restaurant alot and eat the same old food then mum asked me "how come you dont take pictures of the food anymore?" I replied "wahlao everytime eat the same food later my blog entry all the same one!" Heh.

Sweet and Sour Pork


Butter Prawns

My favourite Gong Bao Chicken!

Roast duck


Curry Chicken.

Hmmm... did you notice that my family are meat-eaters?! We ate only one veggie dish, the rest all MEAT!

Extra pictures from the production shoot afew weeks ago.

Shuana was flirting with me =P

Just bought 4 maxi eye contact lenses! Blue, Green, Brown and Black!

Another purchase is Paris Hilton's perfume. Cos my Incanto Shine perfume left only like 3 drops!

I think im downgrading :(
At first Chanel Chance, then Miss Cherie Dior, then Salvador Ferragamo, now Paris Hilton -.- But the scent of this one is really nice!

Alright, wanna go play restaurant city already. Dont know why today level up so slow :( I need to trade lots of items!!

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