Sunday, December 2, 2007

I used to have the misconception that fax machine delivers paper. For example, when you feed in this letter, the whole paper would be sent to the person you sent it to. I was very mystified by how the small fax machine delivered the whole paper within minutes. It was till i grew up then i realised that it doesnt 'send' the whole paper. It just photocopy the original paper on the sender's paper =x LOL.

Just woke up from a long afternoon nap. Shiok! i love my sister's pillow more than mine. Haha. You must be surprised why im home today right?? Shouldn't i be hard at work in the Sitex Show?

Well, i sacked the in-charge lastnight!
Not only me. Huimin and fiona couldn't tolerate anymore and left too.

Why should i put up with an in-charge who is super biased, gives a damn face and discriminates us? It isn't our fault that we are nice people, not as kiasu as them, and we have higher EQs than those who are super aggressive to get to the top by dirty means and totally obvious fake smiles towards people they bully.

The in-charge asked us to stay back after work last night, and asked us what we have to tell him. We told him nothing, and then he started grumbling about how lazy we are, staying in the toilet for too long camwhoring, eating super slow, and talking alot.

It's not our fault that he fails to see us working. It's just unlucky that every single time he comes out to check on us we are away. Hello, we are not robots. We aren't like the others who can continue working at a speed of 20 customers per hour. We need rest, and eatingtime is the only time when we can bloody rest our tired legs. Eating fast is stupid, it makes you fat.

It's not as if i didn't approach people. It isn't as if i just stood there like a flower vase and ignored interested people who approached me. My lips are already dried from smiling and entertaining them okay.

Well, back to last night. We tried to tell him nicely about how bias he was for blaming us for things we do, and not the others. The others also ate as long as i did, why didn't he complain? He took none of our words in and continue talking to us in an agressive manner.

I see no point talking sense with him, so i turned and walked away. Fiona followed. Huimin took off her nametag, slammed it on the table with the ugly working vest, and walked off. We decided not to appear for work today. How could we still stand his face? Haha. Im so glad i walked off yesterday.

Here are some photos taken before we quitted. In the washroom :D

What colour paper would you use when the text on your microsoftword is white, and you want to print it out?

Most people would answer BLACK immediately. Hahaha. Wrong! Since when have you heard of WHITE printer ink?? Hahaha.

And we saw this very adorable baby!! It's so SMALL! many people crowded around her in less than 5 minutes.

SUPER CUTE!!! She kept frowning while she looks at us with her very adorable big eyes. VERY VERY VERY VERY CUTE!!! My favourite baby :D

Anyway, i didn't know that there are so many Andrews in the world. The incharge asked me and jiaying to collect the food from the compaq booth last night, and asked us to look for andrew to give us the food. The compaq booth is quite big, and we went to ask in one corner for someone by the name of Andrew. The "andrew" came, and asked us what we want. It turns out that he's not the andrew that we are looking for. So we turned to another corner and asked for Andrew. Another "andrew" came, and it turns out again that he's not the andrew that we wanted! Then we went to another corner, and finally this "andrew" is the correct one. Wahlao! 3 andrews in just one compaq booth!!

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