Thursday, December 20, 2007

I realised my lack of active blogging.

Well, went to many places and had many fun.
Sometimes i remember to take photos, sometimes i dont.
When i get home, i look at the pictures and didnt feel like blogging about them. They looked so random.

That night, boyfriend sent me this sms:
" Shakes Esther until left with E."
and i replied:
"EVIL. help me pick up my S,T,H,E & R! "

I love it when we lame-talk :)
Brings a smile to my face when boyfriend always pop up with the lamest and funniest reply that i could never have thought of.

Celebrating advanced christmas with him tomorrow after 2 shoots. I've been neglecting him because of shoots, and made him sad... I've decide to plan my time properly and spend more time with him! He's still my piority ^^

Mum felt hardworking suddenly that night, and made supper for the whole family. Bread dipped in egg and fried.. Yummy!
Family's day out last tuesday, and we went to ikea to have a feast.... over chicken wings! My whole family love chicken wings and have no problem eating many of it. Think of slimming another day lah!

Mum ate this. We didnt, because we dont eat beef.

i like lots of creamer.

Hopped over to Giant to eat dinner and this! I love this :)

Taken yesterday, before going to sentosa.
Blog about it another day! :D

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