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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Live, Laugh, Love.

Pictures from the day out with boyfriend!

Boyfriend gave me this.... Flown from Japan.
He gave me hints before it reached, like:
"there'll be angels around you soon..."
"the angels havent started flying!"
"the angels have flown!"
"the angels landed in singapore!"

Haha. That's him. He can never keep a surprise from me.

A musical box.

And inside, he placed a note that he written himself. What he wrote was so touching that everytime i read it, a tear will flow down. Of course, im not putting up the note for everyone to read. heh. He's such a lovable bf :)

Dinner at Village!
It's a restaurant where you walk around and order the food you want like a buffet, den pass them your "ticket" and they'll "chop" it, and you pay for everything you ordered when you leave the restaurant.

Pacific Dory!! I LOVE FISH.

He loves gassydrinks.
I dont drink gassydrinks.
He purposely buy gassydrink :(
Boyfriend's Oxtail.

The hair.

Im very fed up with my commenting service! Sometimes can accept comments sometimes cannot! The last time i checked, i still had 3 pages of comments not yet accepted. Grrrr.

Need some shopping. Anyone can intro me nice livejournal blogshops that sell beautiful dresses? :)

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