Saturday, December 15, 2007

Me: What would you do if you found out you are Bill Gates's daughter?
Sister: say YAY!

*after 2 seconds*

Sister: errrr, no. I'll be super sad.
Me: Why?
Sister: Cause i wasted 13 years of my life living here instead of billgates' rich and luxurious house!!
Me: LOL!

I wonder what it is that makes western people look so western and eastern people look so eastern. Not their noses, there are chinese who have super sharp nose but still look asian. Is their eyebrows? Eyes? hmmmm.

My boyfriend and weeteck! CRAZY. taking picture of one stupid expensive lens which can buy me many many many dresses.

Weekteck has a car leh.......!!
It's a 7 seater. omg. *faints*
Suddenly he is very attractive. haha.

I wonder when is my boyfriend going to buy a car. I want a two-seater, so that if he gets a mistress, that mistress would have to sit at the boot because no more seat for her. *evil laughs*

Met up with Boyfriend's friend, Bell. I think his full name is very girly, so shall call him bell instead.

My first time. OMG. who else havent ate there before except me?

My ice latte.

Boyfriend ordered SwordFish collar. looks like KFC but it's really nice! a very big portion for just almost $15.

I ate NewYork Fish N Chips. Cheese on the fish. Yummy! Two of my favourites in one dish.

It's very very very nice, but at the end of the meal you will feel oil stuck down your throat. VERY OILY.Bell ate sweet and sour fish.

The both of them went for night shoot together, and STOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF ORCHARD ROAD AND OPEN UP THEIR TRIPOD TO TAKE PHOTOS!!!

My boyfriend and his friend is crazy.

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