Wednesday, December 5, 2007

For the blog entry that i posted on Sunday, i received several rather uncalled-for comments. I guess many people will comment again to lecture me after this entry, but i couldn't resist saying that i find those comments rather ridiculous.


Okay, so some people say... 1) Hygiene Purposes.
Hello? Have you people ever seen the back of a heels before? It's like this, if you dont know:

It's not a pair of muddy school shoes for goodness sake -.- How much dirt could be found in that small area of heels?

So well, some people think that a pair of heels is dirtier than a pile of vomit, babies urine, and your oily pair of hands after eating kentucky/potato chips/ramly burgers.

2) Another reason people give is that being teenagers doesn't give us the rights to do whatever we want.
Go tell that to those teenagers who smoke, get into gangfights, take drugs, and stay over night having sex with random strangers. They are much more worth your attention than a harmless little girl resting her legs in the basin after a whole day of hard work.

3) Ahlian behavior.
Oh well, whatever. We dont care if we look ahlian or not. What matters is the tiring pair of legs. Scolding vulgarities doesnt mean one is an ahlian. Wearing stripes doesn't define someone as an ahlian. Wearing mini skirts/having dyed hair/thick makeup doesn't determine someone is an ahlian. Similarly, putting your heels in the basin isn't enough to call someone ahlian.

4) Some people thinks that she climbed up there, put her heels into the basin, just to take a photo.

LOL!! who would be so boliao to do that? you think we would want to sit beside basins if there are chairs outside? Sitting beside a basin isn't glam, so why would she want to climb up and waste her energy, just to take a stupid photo?

5) and lastly, someone said what if another person comes along to gargle her mouth?

Is there any link to huimin putting her heels in the basin? The tap mouth and the basin floor doesn't touch each other. It isn't like that person is going to lick the basin surface right?!

Why are people making such a BIG FUSS over something as tiny as this anyway? If you people love lecturing someone so much, go up to a random gangster in the middle of orchardroad and lecture in his ears instead please. im sure the wrong things he have done would be so much more than what i did.

Even if putting heels into a basin was the wrong thing to do, i dont think it's worth that much of your attention, right?

And and and, regarding me quitting the job. I dont see why i should keep quiet when someone is bullying me. If he was a nasty old man treating ALL OF US the same nasty way, i would NOT leave. I left my incharge because he was discriminating the 3 of us. Why are we not allowed to do the same things as the other colleagues did? The way he talked to us was so different from the way he talked to the others. He obviously looked down on us, thinking we are flowervases that dont know how to do anything than just standing for show. He doesn't see our hardwork, no matter how much we tried. No matter how much we tried to talk nicely to him, he doesn't even want to listen to what we are saying.

How can you people judge whether i was right or wrong just by reading my blog? You aren't even in the situation, duh.

I've had unreasonable, badtempered bosses before who scold the workers for nothing but i didn't quit. It's because i knew that i had to adapt to the working environment. But this one was intolerable. It's as though he doesn't even treat you as human. Why should i continue doing something when im unhappy? I dont even need this job.

Ah, nevermind. I have bad convincing skills. You people dont understand the situation i was in, and think it's just that simple. Continue lecturing me in the comments. I give up -.-

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