Thursday, December 13, 2007


Please email to:
with your name, blog address, hi-res image, theme, colours, details, and words you want on the header. Quote a price, and i will decide base on difficulty.

LOWER PRICE for fast payments.

for those who emailed me the previous time and i have not sent you the blogskin, please email again with the details. thankyou!

I miss my boyfriend.
Meeting him later :D

Nothing interesting bumped into me recently... Everyday is just school, photoshoots, netsurfing, sleep. Sometimes i even feel lazy to blog because i have to be careful with every single sentence i write or every single picture i put up.

Wanted to post up photoshoot photos.... but oh well, thinking of the criticisms i'll receive, no thanks. Shall post them up some other time when im free and ready to handle rude comments :)

im so sleepy. zzz.

- - - - - - -
some random thoughts:

When i put hardwork on something,
i MUST acheive and be the best.
And i will.

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