Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Angela's new album!
Currently my favourites are:
- Wo lian ai le
- Bu xiang dong de
- Qin ai de na bu shi ai qing *NICE!
- Tou hao tian xin

MERRY belated CHRISTMAS to everyone!!

How did i celebrate my christmas?
Rotting at home!

Family celebrated on eve. Me and bf celebrated already. So on actual day i just sat at home infront of my laptop the whole day.

Had actually wanted to blog yesterday but felt super lazy and kept delaying to click on Even when i finally signed in, i clicked "new post" and continue surfing other websites. Before i could realise, it was already midnight! Then i decide to sleep instead. hahaha. One dumb lazy girl i am.

Let's do some random update okay? :D

First, happy belated bday to Winnie! Was invited to her birthday party at raffles but i couldn't make it.

Sister laughed at this notice board because she imagined everyone throwing food inside for fun.

My impression of SALMON was always that red piece of raw meat. Not this big fish!

My friend emailed me a series of this comic.


Father: who do you want to marry in the future?
Small Snail: Hmm. usually grandma treats me the best! I want to marry her!
Father: Rubbish! How can you marry my mother!
Small Snail: Then, how can you marry MY MOTHER?!

2nd comic:

Employer: Is there anything that you can't do?
Interviewee: There are only two things that i can't do in this world.
Employer: Really? what are the two things that you cant do?
Interviewee: I "this" dont know how to do, I "that" also dont know how to do.

Me and sister were talking in the middle of the night, when we listed out the "I love you"s in different languages:

Our findings:
(English) I Love You
(Chinese) Wo Ai Ni
(Malay) Saya cintamu
(Spanish) Te Amo
(Cantonese) Ngo oi ney
(Japanese) Kimi o ai shiteru
(Korean) Sarangheyo

And lastly.... ii lurrbbezx euu worrzx !!
Gah, we were just talking nonsense.

Anyway, I was invited to blog on under fashion category:

Give me ideas of what i should blog there! I've absolutely no idea what to blog about fashion =x Haha. You people can also browse other people's blog there like DavidGan, Jaime Teo, and other celebrities. Here:

- - - - - - - -
It was a boring telephone conversation that dragged on and on about random things.

Kelvin: I want a new watch.
Esther: I give you my house clock then you wear on your wrist lor.
Kelvin: OKAY LOR. then nextime when you grumble that you want new clothes i shall give you my house curtain.


Im having sorethroat. SAD :(

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