Monday, December 3, 2007


Read his recent post and found out he's still a virgin. i almost fell off my chair when i saw that! I thought all 18 year old handsome guys are already 'taken'. Lol. He told me that some of his readers thought that im his girlfriend. hahahahahahaha. How could i be his girlfriend?! His expectation so Highhhhhhhhh~~ lol. I know who's his girlfriend. Shhhhh. =P

Anyway, forgot to wish shunlai happybirthday two days ago! ooops. hope he's doing fine in Ns.

Heard this song on radio afew days ago and some memories came to mind.
Dang ni li kai de shi hou - tanya chua


I believe there is deep love, but i think there is no such things as ForeverLove.

I remember during this time last year, i had a very happy life. I had the perfect boyfriend, the best friends that i have fun with, a bunch of loyal readers, and happiness everyday. These were all ages ago. These were all before so much complications entered my life. At that time even when i had any problems, i could overcome them easily with the help of people around me. i remember how some of my readers at that time envied me and wanted to be me, because my life was almost perfect. Everything a girl could ask for.

But now, although i had a great relationship, afew close friends, and some loyal readers, i guess im not as happy as before. Maybe my expectations grew higher, or maybe too much complications are disturbing me from enjoying what i have now.

Alright, no more talk about all this already! Now for happier things :D

Spent alot of time with boyfriend! He fetched me early in the morning to take a bus to tampines for breakfast and then to woodlands. After that we cabbed down to some ulu place in sembawang to pass a dress to one of my customer. Wasted alot of cabfare for that journey because the taxidriver couldn't find the place. But it's okay because the taxidriver was kind and not those grumpy kind. hee, he even forgot to start his meter and boyfriend reminded him. LOL.

Camwhored in the taxi and surprisingly boyfriend made lots of funny faces! haha. but my faces in the pictures all cmi, so im not gonna post it up. heh. Posting this photo of our hands instead!

After passing the things to my customer, we went over to Suntec. Played at the arcade to kill time before our movie time starts. Had fun playing this machine with boyfriend. Played till our hands are numb.
Watched ENCHANTED!! It's a really cute movie. haha. The fairytale princess in the show was super funny, pretty and cute! I think it's very easy to fall in love with her, except that most of the time people would thought that she is a crazy person. haha.

The squirrel or whatever-it's-called in the show is super adorable too!

Great show, you girls would love it :)
Watch it with your boyfriends! There's a long part in the middle of the movie where the music plays and no dialodge interrupts. I dont know what's happening on the screen at that time because boyfriend was sweetalking to me while we cuddled on the vip sofa with the music playing in the background. It was super sweet and romantic of him... i remember the words he said, and how tight he held me.

People, if you are going with your girlfriend or boyfriend, dont choose normal seats! Choose the VIP seats! It's a big sofa where you can cuddle with your lover whole through the show, and it's super romantic for a movie like this. The sofas are right at the back of the theatre, and there is a 'wall' separating you from the couple beside. So, there's many privacy! Love the sofa. haha. It's only about $5 more for each ticket.

After the movie, boyfriend played with the projector at the back! hahaha. We are the only ones left in the theatre at that time, so stop if you are going to say that im being inconsiderate to the other viewers.

Him and Me!

Went to shop around abit, and then we had donuts from a little shop called SummerHouse at bugis. Forgot to tell boyfriend that i dont eat oreos outside home. Those little black things stick to the teeth and makes you look stupid. But still, i ate it because boyfriend said it was nice.

Boyfriend giving that face because everytime before he can eat something, i must take photo of it. LOL!Was so tired that we held hands and slept whole through the 1hourplus bus journey. Woke up to realise that both our hands are numb from holding too tight. hahaha. Loves.

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