Saturday, December 29, 2007

Super tired!
Yesterday was the busiest day of my life.

Woke up at 5.30am, bathe, makeup, dressup, and off i go to chinese garden for a shoot with several photographers and another model, Miyo.

Miyo is super fun and bubbly, and every single one of us were shocked when we found out that she's already 21! Haha. Chinese Garden is super far away from home, and i spent more than an hour on travelling from pasir ris to there. It was super hot too! I kept sweating and sweating.. Hope the pics would not turn out 'shiny'. Haha. Quite fun though. Among the 7 photographers, one of them is a female. I wanna be a photographer when i grow up too! It's so fun to capture people :)

Blah. I have so many ambitions. I wanna be an air stewardess too, so that i can travel to many many countries! My height just nice qualified, but another requirement is that you have to know how to swim.... and i cant swim! =(

After the chinese garden shoot which ended around 1pm, we all were super hungry so we went to eat nearby. Then i took the mrt home... bathe and change clothes, switch on laptop to accept comments, and off i go to bugis for another event..

Super tired! I forgot what the event was about... I think it's some studio opening? hmm, so there were around 30 photographers there..... and only 2 models for them to test on. Me and another more professional model April. When she wear her uber high heels, she looked so sleek and tall beside me that i look like an ordinary little girl. Super tired! The flash from the lights were super strong that i grew more and more sleepy. I guess it's because i woke up super early yesterday.

the makeup artists doing makeup for April. I did mine before hers... and i think the pink eyeshadow made me look abit puffy eyes. Hope the pics turns out nice though. however, i guess i would have many ugly candid photos because it's so difficult to pose nicely for every single photographer who were triggering their cameras happily at the same time. I only look nice from some angles, and i think many took me from wrong angles. CRYS! Well, shall pray that the photos not too ugly. When i've received these photos and the chinese garden one with miyo, i'll put them up for you guys to see!

The event ended almost 10pm, and most of us went for supper. It was dinner for me though, cos i didnt have time to eat. Travelling time is wasteful! One of the photographers sent me and some others home after that. Thanks alot, if not i'll have to take the slow train back home. Once i reached home i fell asleep almost instantly. Mum was kinda shock cos normally i would want to use the internet for awhile...

I've recovered from sorethroat, but flu and cough is still there.. Thanks for all the advices in my previous posts!

I wish more interesting things come my way....
In the next post i'll either blog about that shoot where i have very light makeup on.... or if you guys are tired of listening to me ramble about shoots, den i shall blog about 3 very cute little children!

:D Have a nice day everyone~~~

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