Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WAHAHAHA. It feels fun to scare you people with a picture of me once you enter my blog. Hee.

Sigh. Kinda lazy to blog.

Have been so busy recently, but yet i couldn't find things to blog about. Only tons and tons of pictures, but nothing to say about them. Everything just seems too random to blog about.

I shall start updating only once a month so that i'll always have alot to say!

Heh. Just kidding. i'll have nothing to do in school if i dont blog. And i can't keep my mouth shut for one whole month if i suddenly have something to say. =X

Okay, i wanted to blog about this event but isaac hasn't been online to send me the pics! grr. Nevermind. Shall do without his pics.

Pictures below are taken by Weeteck, jayden, and the low quality ones are all mine. haha.


was invited to this event for breakfast along with isaac, jayden, sheylara, sabrina, and several famous bloggers.

Sabrina came to fetch me and isaac up. We were late for around 1 hour. Okay, it was my fault. haha. This cafe! (picture taken from estee's blog)

I look super fat in all the pics. Weeteck was the photographer for this event. If you guys remember, he was also the photographer with my boyfriend at my birthday party :) sandwiched by two fat guys. LOL.
Not fat luh, they are skinny. Im the fat one.

The demonstration and tv was fantastic! There's light behind the tv to create ambience too.

THE FOOD WERE GREAT!! and they look very very good~ *slurps*

Estee! have been seeing her and sheylara twice in a week!
Me and isaac were standing there waiting for weeteck to take photo of us. Isaac had his hands over my shoulder for the photo, then someone asked "he is iceangel's boyfriend ah?"

Then 3 people said: "NO LAH..."
lol. those 3 people read my blog. that person who asked didn't read! Me and isaac are "old news" lar~~~ LOL.

People there mistaken jayden for isaac and isaac for jayden. THEY LOOK ALIKE MEH?!

Luckydraw winners get to win this VERY PRETTY thumbdrive worth around $300!! i want~~~ T_T damn, weeteck got it. He's a guy! how can he keep these things! :(
Me and isaac's drinks.

Cosy little living room?

Boyfriend came down to fetch me home!
Isaac wanted to buy a new top so we accompanied him.

Jayden vaining infront of the mirror!
I LOVE THIS MRT REFLECTION. it makes me look thin. wahaha., IM THIN! only in this pic :(

Philips gave us doorgifts.
This artificial candlelight! It's very fun! you tilt it and it will light up. Tilt again, it closes. Flickers like real candle light. VERY COOL. daddy had fun showing it to a little girl, bluffing that he's a magician. haha. We can even do the "eat the fire" thingy.
We also get 20% off philip products! 20% is ALOT if you calculate.

See, i say already.
I have lots of pictures but nothing much to talk about them.

Meeting boyfriend later :)
He's in an explosive mood. Gotta be careful around him.

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