Friday, December 21, 2007

Suddenly, I hate my physical flaws.
I dont wish to look at any of my photos.

Thick makeup also ugly. Light makeup also ugly. No makeup also ugly. WTH. There's nothing i can do. Maybe i should go under a rock and live there forever with boyfriend until he gets tired of seeing nothing except me and the rock.

Many times i've thought of going for plastic surgery but i dont think i'll ever go for it. Call me gutless. Im afraid of regretting. Im afraid of changes. Im afraid of failures.

After this post, readers would try to comfort with some compliments, while critics would ask me to shut up and stop whining. But this is my blog, if i dont whine here, where do i whine? Compliments...... no matter how many i received, just one criticsm could bring down the rest of the compliments i had.

Why couldn't i be like the other girls?

Sorry for not being the happy usual self. I dont wish to be like this too... Moodswing i guess... Had a great day with boyfriend today. Blog tomorrow. Good night.

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