Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Had a really busy day today. Gosh. Im so tired out that i dont even know what to blog about.

Anyway, i was walking past a row of shops when i saw one of the mannequin moving!! On second glance, it was actually a male model standing as a mannequin. HE IS SUPER SHUAI !! Some guys are charming but not handsome, some guys are handsome but not charming. But this guy is BOTH!!! He looks way better than this picture.

Omg. I think this is the first time i went so gaga over an angmoh. I prefer asian guys.. This handsome angmoh SMILED AT ME LEH!!!!!!! I THINK THIS IS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Hehe.

(Ya lah, i know he smiled only because it's his job, but oh well, let me be happy for once okay? )

He's so cute~~~~

*knocks own head and goes back to reality*
I still love my boyfriend the most lah.
(if i dont say this he'll kill me. haha! )

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