Monday, December 31, 2007

Today is the last day of 2007!
Whooosh, it was fast.

So many things happened to me during this year. The downfall of my longest relationship, the start of my polytechnic life, knowing new friends, featured on newspaper, radio interviewed, appearing on tv, flamed by xx, having the biggest bday party i ever had, and meeting my current boyfriend.

Thinking about it, i've never thought all this would happen to me when i started 2007. Now i wonder what is in store for me for 2008.

Im happy about my acheivements.. Im happy about the readers who started hating me and slowly start to like reading my blog. To me, it's an acheivement. Jessica used to dislike my blog personality because she found me quite haolian, but after awhile she thinks im actually a nice person and came to make friends with me. When she told me about it, i was feeling super happy! Although many people say they dont care, but who would like knowing that people dislike them? i used to be very affected by online critics, but after awhile i got used to it. But however, there are still times where i would feel down when i got home after a tired day to see so many people disliking me on my blog.

It's great to have a blog where many people read. But sometimes it's stressing too. Everytime i post something up, i would have to think twice. Many times i was tempted to blog about my photoshoots, but i fear the criticsms - from readers, and from more experienced model friends.

They might feel im bragging about these shoots i've been going to, but the only reason why i wanted to blog about them because i felt they are fun! I enjoy it, and i felt like writing about it to share with everyone.. I've been blogging very little recently because practically shoots are the only things filling my days. When i cant blog about them, i have nothing to blog about.. Even when i want to post up photoshoot pics of myself, or even simple handphone camwhore pictures, i have to stress myself thinking about whether it's perfect enough to avoid any criticisms.

I've told boyfriend many times during our late night talks, that i felt very tired over this.. Seems like the freedom of blogging whatever i want has been taken away from me.

Other than these little things, im still grateful for the number of hits my blog invites each day. Daddy and mummy are proud of my blog, and im happy to have acheive something for them. I love you readers :)

Oh. i didn't plan to blog such huge chunk of words. I only wanted to post this video up of my 3 cute cousins, but those thoughts flowed in..

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