Friday, December 7, 2007

Yeap, while i was on tv last night, i was having dinner outside with my family. haha. Got interrupted afew times with smses and calls coming in.

I think some of my friends are really funny. They sent me these:
" hey! why do i see you appearing in my tv?" or
" I saw someone on tv that looks alot like you! Is it you??"

hahaha. funny. Isaac and some other people got even more excited than me.

Got invited one fine day by them to go on the talkshow, and so i accepted the offer! Kinda nervous.. I didnt want to tell you people as i dont want you all to go and watch the show in case i look ugly in it! Hahaha. I watched the repeated version after reaching home late, and realise that i look super chubby on tv! Phew, lucky i never ask you people to go watch.

Nothing much about it. I didn't talk much anyway. haha. Boyfriend came to pick me up from my house before the shoot and we went to have bubble tea while waiting for the time to start shooting.

The whole 2hours filming of the show, boyfriend was upstairs watching me. Throughout everything! That's very sweet of him isn't it? He knows i want to see him there for me. I guess that 2 hours of standing should be very sore for his legs.
Before the shoot.

im sitted at that corner! So that means the camera was pointing at my sideview for the whole of the show, and i look ugly sideview!

Took pics with some of them.
I dont look nice in the photos but still gonna post them up anyway.

I think i put very little makeup that day but mum says i put too much. LOL. at first my heart was pumping fast but as the shoot continue, i kinda enjoyed being in the camera! :D

I went to samsung hub yesterday for some panel meeting with some other rather popular bloggers. Didn't camwhore! hahaha. because isaac wasn't there. Im the kind that is ALWAYS late, yet i was the earliest of the bloggers to reach yesterday!

My new hp's shutter speed is super slow. Grr.
Their lift is very unique. You press the storey you want to go to, den you go into the lift. Scary lift! It moves super fast from 20++ storey to the first level.

okay rushing to meet joleen now. goodbye people!
will update soon with many many things!!

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