Monday, December 10, 2007

when actually there's still one more week to go! oops. Stupid me stayed at home today and slept till late late. haha.

Was having photoshoots continously everyday recently. So that means i shall have many many photos to put up soon, when the photographers give me some. Yay. It's really tiring though, especially yesterday's shoot, which started at 7.30am!! I can't even wake up in time for school, how could i wake up to that?? LOL. i was late for around 30+ minutes. awww. The first time i was late for a shoot i think. Most of the time i'll make sure im punctual for shoots as it's not good to be late for this kinda things.

Boyfriend's complaining that im abandoning him for photoshoot. bleah.

I dont know why photographers love fortcanning so much. Me and joleen have been there quite a number of times for photoshoots already, and when yesterday's photographers say that we are going to fortcanning for the shoot, me and her looked at each other and sighed. Hahaha. i complained to the photographers that most of our shoots are at fortcanning, we are almost familar with the place already!

Disclaimer first: Me and joleen would like to say we wouldn't call ourselves models. Not experienced enough to call ourselves that as this point. Let's just say at this stage we are still having fun and experimenting with this industry :) Dont ask me where the photographers found us initially. From friends. *zips*

Im not qualified anyway. Short and fat. hahaha.

Okay, back to yesterday.
It's funny that i blogged about yesterday's shoot first and not the other previous ones. heh. The photographers are fun people! I said that joleen is very elegant style, then one of the photographers immediately say im ahlian style -.- im not ahlian~~

Me and joleen. We are short. 158cm. Just enough to be airstwardess :) Just that we have to learn swimming. I can't swim! The pic was taken by PeiQin, a friend that joleen brought along.

At first they took turns to shoot us. Saw that short wall over there? Beyond it was a big big drain and they wanted me to SIT on the wall, with my legs up! I almost fall, because the wall top is rounded and not flat. Phew, im still alive.Then after that they separated. One photographer took joleen and another one took me. Haha. I prefer the one that took me, cos he has lots of creative ideas and at the same time he doesnt control too much about how i pose, so im able to do it freely.

Joleen liked her photographer more. haha. I guess it's because i spent more time with mine and she spent more time with hers. Her photographer like to make the wind effect on her hair, making her look even more sweet than ever.

My makeup is really thick that day. Kinda uneven i think. Blah.

I love yesterday's shoot! It took around 5 hours, and the poses are all very nice! can't wait for the photos to reach my hands. Haha. Me and joleen had lots of fun, as the photographers can joke around :)

I think im kinda unfair not to let my boyfriend take up portraits photography (when im going for so many potrait shoots) because i think it's really easy for photographers to admire their model when they are alone for so many hours. Especially when the girl he wants to shoot is my friend, his eyecandy before he fell for me. Which girl wouldn't feel insecure?

It's difficult for me to fall for those photographers because they are so much older than me and not my type. But it's easy to fall for those pretty models! i know my boyfriend really wants to shoot her, just that i restricted him. I could stop him physically, but what's the use when i couldn't control his mind thinking so much about shooting her?

If i dont care, i would not make such a big fuss about restricting him to so many things. Im a easily jealous girl, and very very sensitive. i hate the way im like that.

I used to give my exs many freedom, and i dont really care much about what they're doing. But im so afraid to lose this guy, im so afraid that he would change one day.

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