Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Starting a blogshop?

TheBlogShop has officially became my new clothes sponsor! They're sending me my first piece soon and I'll take pic with it and show you all!

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Written by Theblogshop

Many people love fashion. I mean, who doesn't? And a quick way to get involved in fashion is to sell your style on your blog. Yes, we're talking about blogshops! So many people love shopping online, and many others would love to be the online shop that defines fashion. However, as many people know, it simply isn't easy to start a blogshop from scratch without any knowledge or experience.

Instead of wasting a year facing problems that others have already seen and solved, why not skip right to a successful model? It is now possible to do so!

One of the best avenues to head for when you want to start a new blogshop from scratch is to approach THEBLOGSHOP (www.theblogshop.sg)! They are simply the one-stop solution for anyone who is interested in the blogshop industry. From wholesale supplies of clothing to photography services to retail and marketing at prime locations like Haji Lane and Far East Plaza, you name it, THEBLOGSHOP has it all, and at affordable prices too!

With THEBLOGSHOP, your dream of immediately touching base with a large shopping crowd and overseas market can now come true. The company has been featured in many forms of media including Hong Kong Weekly, with a visit by Gwen Stefani reported even as far away as The New York Times!

Among the most notable New Brands marketing by THEBLOGSHOP are: the workwear-savvy brand LUSTMONDAY and the notable high-street guru THE STYLE HUNTER. Through THEBLOGSHOP's marketing and photography for product shoots, these brands have certainly been propelled into instant credibility and have drastically increased their customer base!

Some pretty pictures by THEBLOGSHOP's TBS Picture Productions:

So all you girls who want to start your blogshop, don't hesitate anymore, contact THEBLOGSHOP now!!

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