Friday, June 25, 2010

Be $500 richer!


Okay, so last week I talked about some Liese products right.

I was very unhappy with my hair before, because it's so so tangly, dry, flat and frizzy. I've never bothered to treat my hair with any special cream or whatsoever before because I don't know which brand to try! Many years ago I tried a particular famous brand but instead of clearing my frizzes, it contributed more oil to my hair, which feels disgusting.

I like how Liese products are light and refreshing, yet does its job well! I went to meet the Liese people not long ago and they told me that back in Japan, Liese is a big and wellknown brand, with many up to date researchers behind the products.

Here are some of the products I've tried.

I know I told you all before that I'm going to post a video of myself dyeing my hair, doing hair treatments and styling of hair using liese products right?

Here it is!

I did this hairstyle because I don't want to look too old with all curls, yet want to make my simple straight hair look more interesting. That's why I left the top part straight and only curled the bottom parts. It’s adapted from 1 of those trendy Japanese girls’ latest look this year!

Here are some AFTER pictures!! Nice right!!

Anyway, if you are already a fan of Liese on facebook you’d see that they are having a “Style up with Liese” Video Contest.

This is what you need to do to win up to $500 cash!!

1. Co1or Tre2t Styl3 with Liese products on video like mine, and upload it to Liese FB page! Link here**

2. Read the rest of the submission criteria on the contest tab page (its not that hard to take part! – you can use your mobile/ digi cam/camcorder to take the video)

And you will be on your way to stand a chance to be $500 richer!

Contest ends end of July! So fun and easy! Hurry upload your very own Liese video!!! First 50 to upload your hair transformation videos which fulfils the submission criteria will be rewarded S$80 cash!!

So how? Do you all like my video? :D

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