Friday, June 11, 2010

Self Esteem

I had to do a video for Ybloggist, regarding a youth related issue. When I got the news, I half-wanted to withdraw from the contest, because I felt that everything about it just doesn't fit into my blog style. I'm not a blogger in that kind of category and I feel weird putting something like this on my blog. I know this is not what my readers come to read my blog for.

I was never good at videos. As in, I like natural holiday videos taken while on a day out but I'm never good at doing serious videos. I felt that I'm so much better off blogging than doing vlogging. I could easily draft out an essay based on any topic but when you want me to present it on video - it's goners for me.

I'm never good at open-ideas assignments too. You know... I'm very bad at thinking up for something interesting. It doesn't help that I have to do 3 videos in one week, 2 are for adverts. However, I find this one the most difficult because the rest are the usual kind of lifestyle videos that I usually take.

Nevertheless, I stayed on and produced this video. It's a voice over, with footages I took outside. It's not the best video I've made.... but still, I tried my best for something which I initially thought I'll never be able to do.

Sorry for the shaky video! =x

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