Monday, June 21, 2010

Remembering childhood.

Remembering childhood.

I was talking to my sister about our childhood when I suddenly remembered a lot of ridiculous things I've done as a kid!!!

1) During kindergarten, we had those playtimes where my teacher would bring the class to the playground to play. At that time, playgrounds are still sand based, not like now is carpet. We will be separated to different groups, for example "see-saw", "slide", "play sand", etc. I always wished that I don't have to play slide cos I was afraid of it. It's not the normal plastic ones you see nowadays. It was those steep, cemented straight slide which has no friction at all. The slided was wide, which means 3 person could go down at a time. I was so afraid of it.

I always climb up the stairs, sit in front of the slide, hesitate, then stand up and u-turn to go down using the stairs. What a LOSER. hahaha.

2) Mum was the protective kind. I could not watch TV except for monday 8pm, cos "gao xiao xing dong" was the only program she would allow me to watch. Imagine my happiness when my grandparents came over to stay cos it means I could watch TV everyday cos they are also watching.

Mum also didn't buy fairytales for me to read because she thought that since it's love stories, it's better not to expose these stuff to me yet. Lol. In the end when I had to fill in the blanks for a passage in a school worksheet regarding the Cinderella's story, I had no idea how to do it cos I didn't know the story. I went home and complain to my mum and that's when she finally bought the first 3 fairytales for me: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. And that might also be the reason I always thought that these 3 stories are the top 3 most famous and main fairytales.

After that, I got access to quite alot of books and ended up being a bookworm. I go to libraries and could sit down there reading fairytales, sweet valley, for the whole day.

3) I also didn't know anything about Ghosts. I didn't even know such a word exist until when I was in primary 1 or primary 3, my classmates started telling me that there was ghost in the 3rd storey toilet in my school. I was so afraid that everytime I wanted to go to the toilet I would ask a friend to accompany me.

Then came this strict teacher who wouldn't allow girls to go to the toilet in pairs. Because I was too afraid to enter the toilet, I usually try to suppress my bladder till I get home (6 hours leh!!!). There was once I couldn't ren anymore and urined through my skirt during national anthem, just afew minutes before the end of school. So embarrassing I had to bluff my friends and maid that the chrysanthemum drink from my water bottle was leaking.

There was another time during class when I really cannot tahan anymore I asked to go to the toilet. Because I was still super afraid of ghosts, instead of heading to the toilet, I ran downstairs to the back of the school and urinated in a drain there. Couldn't imagine how embarrassed I would be if someone found out.

4) I didn't have watergel pens so I like to borrow from classmates. I think they dislike me cos of that T_T

5) I also didn't have mechanical pencil till I was older. And so during Primary 1, I was very itchy-hand I went to take my classmate's pencil leads box when he was not around. In the end when I open it, all the thin leads spilled and drop onto the floor. I panicked and tried to pick everything up before he comes back but in the end I kena caught by the teacher and had to stand for the rest of the class T_T

6) Then there was this guy, I borrowed his eraser cos I forgot to bring mine. For me, I usually use any corner of my eraser cos I don't care. But it just so happens that this guy is very anal about using only one corner for erasing and I didn't know so I used a "new corner". I can never forget how terrified I was when he scolded me cos I used the "wrong" side of the eraser. I was afraid of him for the rest of my days in primary school.

7) Mum bought this eraser for me that could erase things very clearly. I lied to my classmate that it is SUPER-eraser. I got very addicted to his awe towards me so I lied that my new pen is also SUPER-pen. I made up a stupid "power" it had and he was awed too. I was so happy at the attention I got. Lol. Lame.

8) There was this lost and found corner at the canteen of our school. We would throw all the things we found in that little corner and if you lose anything you can go to that corner to check if your stuff has been found. That place is not governed by anyone, so actually you can take whatever you want from there, but being innocent kids, we all didn't do it cos it's wrong. Then one day me and my friend found an Enid Blyton book in there. My friend enticed me to take it and because I was an Enid Bylton fan at that time, it was hard to resist. In the end I really took it and remained guilty all the way from P2 to P6. Lol I was so afraid of being caught and getting my name into the Beta system!

9) I also formed a games cult, once in P1 and once in P4. I have to say it was quite successful cos every recess time, many people would join my "cult" to place electric catching, even people I do not know! Touching the flag pole means you are home and the catcher cannot touch you. I ended up implying more rules such as the limit number of people who can touch a pole, a magic word that the catcher can say and you have to let go of your pole and run away, and if you touch someone who is holding onto a pole, you are also home and catcher-free.

I can still think of many childish acts I've done as a kid, but I'll stop here for now.

There's something you need to know though,
NOTHING beats the fact that my sister punched someone in primary ONE just because that person rejected her invitation to play with her. -___-

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