Sunday, June 13, 2010


I hereby proclaim today as Advertorial day.

I keep having the urge to splurge on shopping this few days. If you are suffering from the same urge as me, here's a list to help narrow down your choices.

My favourite bag shop.

I've done numerous adverts for them before this and never one time I would be disappointed. I feel that the whole shop works so professionally!

One of the latest bag in the shop - TFL-manufactured bag, inspired by Mulberry Alexa. Alexa comes in 4 colours - Choco, Heather, Ginger Nude & Blush.

Of course I took the blush!

I really liked it. The bag is of good quality and it's very roomy can store alot of things! I've recently got a new camera, which I'll share about sometime soon. And because this camera is bigger than my compact digicam, I was very pleased about this bag that came at the right time!

If you are looking for a new bag, no matter what style, I'm sure you can find it at TianFenLan.
Remember to join their mailing list as well!


For your beauty!!!
They carry brands like Skinfood, Etude House, Missha, Skin79, TheFaceShop and Laneige. All products are directly shipped from Korea. Hence, all products are authentic. Although most of them are sprees, they also have instock for certain brands!

All sprees will close on 20 June 11 pm. Items are able to arrive 1 - 2 weeks once the sprees closes.

Some of the services they provide:

- You can also check your spree status here!
So convenient:

- Besides that, you can also track your parcels, the date it was mailed out and also the registered postage tracking number (if applicable.)

Support them by:

- Following them on twitter

- Or be a fan on Facebook

Join the mailing list at ! Why? Because mailing listees can enjoy special promotions on certain months.

For products not listed at the site, email to for the pricing or leave a comment behind

They are also having a promotion now:
• Total purchases above $80 (w/o postage), you will be entitled to free normal postage.
• Total purchases above $140 (w/o postage), you will be entitled to free registered postage.

My readers can also receive free samples from them plus free normal postage regardless of your purchase amount simply by quoting "Esther" under the "Remarks" column at the order form for the month of JUNE and JULY.


Divazelle recently sent me a pretty dress that was manufactured by themselves, inspired by Paris Hilton and Georgine Ferrara! Perfect for work and shopping!

Check out their new collection, as well as the US spree and sales page, with items as low as $5!


For just $50, you can buy a Lucky Pack which includes....

- 1 Maxi Dress (Random design but you can choose your colour!)
- 1 3/4 Smock Tube Maxi Dress (Can be used as a Maxi Skirt) [random]
Or Ver 2 Can Can Hat

Any other 2 of the following (random design/ colour will be given!)
-Mini Cute Diary Stamp Set ($6)
-Mini Cute Zip Lock Organizer Set ($6)
-Bunny Ear Hair Band ($6)
-1 Hair Tie, 1 Clip On ($6)

They also sell other accessories too!


Covetedsg brings in only afew pieces of each item to allow each lady to own something unique. There is free postage regardless of amount spent and the pretty dresses are at only $25 each!!! Super affordable!!!

Love this!

There are also shoes and accessories inside:

Happy shopping!

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