Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Double Eyelids

How to get double eyelids if you are born single eyelid like me.

1. Fake eyelashes
This method is relatively easy once you know how to stick on fake lashes quick. I had single eyelids all my life, but I started achieving nice double eyelids when I started sticking eyelashes on my eye. Putting your eyelash the correct way will push the lids to create a crease. However, for me my line is kinda uneven on both eyes sometimes, thus it is very difficult for me to draw equal eyemakeup on both sides. Thus, sometimes you see me looking fine from an angle, and then from another angle I look like I have one big eye one small eye. *sad*

And when you remove the lashes, the crease would fade off usually within an hour or two.

2. Double eyelid stickers
Some people claim that if you stick them all the time, sooner or later you will get permanent double eyelids. However, I find the process of sticking it cumbersome. I could never stick it on properly to create equal creases, nor hide it with makeup.

3. Lack of sleep

Me: Recently I grew double eyelids leh. Don't know if it's cos I never sleep enough or...
*Belinda interrupts*
"It IS cos you never sleep enough -.-"


4. Eyelid glue
There's a particular kind of glue that if you apply it, it'll create double eyelids. Saw it from some youtube videos.

5. Plastic surgery

I was seriously considering it, seeing how many so many people have gone under surgery for it, and it seems so easy!

However, I reconsidered upon reading this:
"Many people have undergone eyelid surgery, with very few complications reported. However, eyelid surgery is still a very delicate procedure; one mistake could cost one’s vision."

Fwah I very suay one leh better not take the risk. *coward*

6. Grow old

Mum used to be single eyelid all her life but in recent years she suddenly developed pretty looking double eyelids.

Anyway, while googling about double eyelids, I saw a link which was "How to get rid of double eyelids". Why would anyone want to have single eyelids when they are blessed with double??

Sigh, it's so unfair that guys can look desirable with single eyelids but girls usually look better with double eyelids and it makes makeup so much easier!

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