Thursday, June 17, 2010

My new cam. Muack!


No photoshop done to lighting/effects.
Don't believe right?!! BUT IT'S TRUE!!!
Cos I don't need to, with my new baby, the Olympus PEN Ep-1!!

I like that the camera has various art modes for example my favourite which is the Pinhole effect, the grainy one which adds alot of 'feel' and the soft glow one which gives the dreamy look. Other options also include light tone, poplook (vivid colours), and pale&light. The "E-Portrait" function is also a blessing for all girls because it eliminates the blemishes from your face. No need for photoshop anymore!

All this functions can also be used on the video function of the camera! I filmed this video using the various effects and it's such an easy task when it comes to editing cos I just have to join the clips together! No need add more effects. It was very easy to change from one ART function to another too.

Besides having good functions, what's most important to alot of people ultimately is the looks. I had always loved DSLR pictures but I've never thought of owning one because it's too bulky and heavy, it's very unlikely I would bring it out. However, the Olympus PEN ep-1 being a mini DSLR, it's very compact compared to normal DSLRs, yet gives the same sharp focus and blur background effect that I love.

Although there are other brands in the market that offers compact dslr as well, but in terms of the overall size (together with the lens), this one is still smaller.

What made most of my friends exclaim with love is the design. It looks so vintage, totally in style. I liked how it looks cute, with colourful and pretty accessories that comes with it (red pouch and strap with pink skinning! There are also other colours to choose from). A black big dslr would not fit into my style!

Guess what I have in for my readers?? A CHANCE TO WIN ANOTHER OLYMPUS CAMERA FOR YOURSELF!!! Here are two ways to get it:

1) There is an event this Saturday (19th June 2010), 1pm - 2.30pm at Vivocity and I'll be there. I'm inviting you all there as well, and I'll be giving you all a mini guided tour on how the Olympus EP1 works as well as a photography session!!!

For those readers that attended this event with me, if you blog about the event and send your Name, Contact Number, Email Address and Blog URL to, the most exciting post stands to win a Olympus FE4030 Digital Camera!!!!

Meeting point: Outside Forever 21
I'll love you if you come :)

If you do not have the time on Saturday, fret not!!!!
2) My video is also up on the olympus microsite and one lucky voter stand a chance to win the FE4030 camera just by voting for MY VIDEO!

Now... who said I'm not nice to my readers???


**who's coming? can email me at or comment below? :D:D Want to have a gauge of how many people! Later nobody come I sad :(

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