Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Day Out - PART TWO

Thanks to Nuffnang and NFC, I had an extremely fun day with my Family at Sentosa last weekend. We reached there a little before noon and had activities till night time around 8pm!

It was a little like a family holiday tour :D

Due to wrong estimation of time, we reached the little island later than intended to. We reached Palawan Beach where the carnival was taking place, just minutes before the ticketing collection ended.

We had a choice of 4D magix or Cineblast. We made the wrong choice by choosing 4Dmagix! It was lame max. It's just some jerking of the chairs, blowing of wind, tickling our feets and splashing of water. Worse was that the Pirate story is ultimately uninteresting and boliao.

Somemore I had to hold my 3D spects with one hand throughout the ride cos my eyelashes too long. Haha.

I like those virtual rollercoaster rides more! I was expecting that lor :(

I looked bad here but it was the only proper family picture we took that day!

Next up was the Luge ride.
Dad refused to pick a green cap cos in chinese it means 'dai lu mao', which also refers to a man being the last to know of his wife's infidelity.

In the end he no choice cos Large size only have green! I think i captured him in a very funny moment below!

Me and my blue cap! I had wanted the pink coloured one but too bad it's only for kids.

It was super fun!!!!!! If only I had unlimited tickets for it!

So funny to see dad trying to control such a small vehicle.

Then it was the SkyRide! My 2nd time on it but still terrified!

Luge route below us.

We bought the picture!

Settled down at a little cafe to rest! Water tastes so good!

This animal show is free!

The presenter was super funny!!! His expressions are very cartoony. Actually I think he was more interesting than the animal tricks lor!
One of the parrots they showcased was so cute, it can nod!

The snake's texture like the same feeling as my reptile skirt sia. lol.
Off to resorts world sentosa for dinner!
Ate at this japanese ramen restaurant.

Sis had fried rice. It tasted like my favourite din tai fung fried rice!
My bowl of ramen had a great soup base. It had midjoints of chickenwings inside as well. Yums!
Mum and dad's.

Songs of the sea! So many people watching as well!

I felt that the show, although short, was magnificient and left my family wowing at the end of it. If you go Sentosa, must go watch! $10/pax for tickets.
Pictures (not in sequence)

Nice right?
Overall, it was a great day out with my family. Tomorrow I will post up the video of this day out! Can see my fat face!
Ok lah goodnight everybody :)

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