Friday, June 4, 2010

(Advertorials) has just launched their new collection a couple of days ago and I must say I'm becoming a fan of that blogshop! The items are always sweet and unique. The better items get sold out very quickly, so do join their mailing list to be faster next time! Remember to click "next page" because one collection is about 3 pages. Don't miss out any goodies!

For this week promotion, get $5 off for every $80 purchase.
Not applicable for sale items.

Normal postage is free.

They have just recently launched their second & third collection, the 2nd still being glass-crystal pendants, and the 3rd is a bags collection.

All the bags are specially selected by the owners, and they are ALL made of top-quality materials. So much so that they have guaranteed their customers to be satisfied with their buys. Furthermore, all designs are extremely unique, least you should worry about bumping into another carrying the exact same bag.

The glass pendants on the other hand, are all hand-made, uniquely designed and beautifully crafted. As such, each piece is slightly different from the others. They are now giving away complimentary gift boxes with every purchase of a pendant, which comes with a gorgeous chain made of black ribbon and string. The pendants are all extremely beautiful, and definitely worth every penny! Rest assured that the pendants are bubble-wrapped before being mailed out.

Quality is extremely important to the owners, and as such, all the items are guaranteed to be worth every cent that you spend.

Anyway, when using the Bioessence inchloss, remember not to put too much! I did exactly that mistake the first time I used it. I applied it on my legs and cos it takes time for the heating sensation to come on, I thought I didn't put enough and keep spreading more. In the end my legs felt so much hotter than my tummy and arms!

Haha this is how the shower gel looks like if you are curious:

As for the bodycream, it is more of more dense liquid and in creamwhite! :)

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