Monday, June 7, 2010

Fire Display.

After looking at this video, I realised that my first reaction to a camera pointing at my face, is a smile and a tweece. So lame.

I was so irritated at myself after seeing myself doing this repeatedly in the video. Haha gotta get rid of this stupid habit!

Must watch right to the end k! The fire display very nice.

Anyway now is the end of the BIO ESSENCE Celebrity Blogger's Choice - A 14-day Slimming Challenge.‏ Here are the approximate results of the before and after of using BioEssence Inchloss product.

Waist, Thigh, Arm
Half inch - 1 inch - Half inch

I think I know why my thigh lost the most inches. Cos that's the place that I put the most and is the most heaty one. Haha. Anyway I think my results should actually be higher cos I didn't really use it every single day for the past 14 days. I think I skipped afew days in between. If you use it everyday for 14 days should be able to get half inch more for each area.

I'm going to share the rest of the bottle with my mum and sis!



That's how we describe our weathers these days isn't it.

It has been quite some time since I introduced blogshops to you babes and this one (which is also very freshly new by the way, just launched today) is a great one to start the cycle again!

I got this maxidress from them. They have the blue coloured version too!

There is FREE normal postage if you purchase more than 3 items! Not difficult since I can easily find more than 3 pieces I like. I like how the pieces they choose are in trend and very florally/feminine. I like :D

Support this new blogshop by joining the mailing list for discount rates and promotion in future as well!

This top above also comes in pink. Nicer!

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