Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poor toy!

I watched Toy Story 3 with the rest of NuffnangSG some days ago and I love it!! It's either I was too young when TS1 and 2 came out, or it's true that TS3 is better than the past two!

The story was really nice and exciting and unpredictable.

And there are lots of cute characters in there! It also struck a thought into my head.... *potential spoiler ahead*

maybe my BOBO is also an evil bear!! I always wondered why before going to bed I would be hugging BOBO but he always ends up at my legs when I wake up. Maybe they were moving at night!! Or maybe BOBO is trying to escape cos he doesn't like the way squeeze him too tight???


Anyway, a toy related picture to end this short entry.

Captured while my sis was sleeping and those are her legs. Poor toy.

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